Colorful Show Guide


Colorful Show


1. Main Menu

1.1 Play Show

Play your show, play your Show with background music in your iPod

1.2 My Show

Design your Show, export your Show to photo library or send it to your friends by email.

1.3 My Template

Design your Template which will be used when you design your Show.

2. Play Show

All your Show will be displayed, and you can play one by clicking

2.1 Play Show Functionality

Menu will be shown by clicking screen while the show is playing



image011.pngmute background music

image013.pngContinue background music

image015.pngPlay Show in random

image017.pngPlay Show in sequence


2.2 Play Setting

3. My Show

3.1 Delete/Design your Show

Click to delete your Show

Click Show to enter in Show Edition screen

Click New Show to enter in Show Creation screen

3.2 Create Show

Selecting Template to enter in Show Design screen

3.3 Design Show

· Edit picture fram

Click picture frame to start Picture Frame Edition mode

image027.pngPress and drag to change size

image029.pngSelect photo from Photo Library


image033.pngSelect picture frame style


Finger Touch

Ø Move:Tap picture frame via single finger to move

Ø Zoom In/Zoom Out:Tap picture frame via two fingers to zoom in or zoom out

Ø Rotation:Tap picture frame via two fingers to rotate

Ø Front/Back/Delete:Hold Tap,press picture frame for a second to popup Menu

o Front:Make selected picture in front of others

o Back:Make selected picture in back of others

o Delete:Delete selected picture frame

Double tap to enter in photo edition mode, and you can cancel this model by double tap。


Finger Touch:

Ø Move:Move photo by taping picture with single finger

Ø Zoom In/Zoom Out:Adjust photo size with two fingers

· Menu items at the bottom of screen

image039.pngAdd a picture frame

image041.png:Add a comment textbox

image043.pngAdd a build-in icon

image045.pngSelect a picture from photo library as background

image047.pngSelect a build-in image as background

image049.pngLocate background

image051.pngShow export menu

image053.pngDisplay all pages

image055.pngQuite Show

· Edit Commment TextBox

Move:Drag textbox with single finger to move it

Delete :Hold Tap, click the delete button in popup menu to delete this comment textbox

image057.pngSelect textbox style


image061.pngSelect text color


Double tap to edit the text for this.

Tap text to display iPad keyboard, tap anyplace outside of textbox. to hide iPad keyboard


· Add/Edit build-in icon

Add: Select the build-in icon you want to add and then double click on the blank place, support continuity double click to add more icons.

Delete: Tap icon for a second to popup Delete button and then press Delete button to delete the selected icon

· Photo background

If you select a picture from your photo library as background, you can cancel it by deleting background picture: pressing for a second to popup Delete button and then press Delete button to delete the selected background.

· Display all pages


image023.pngDelete one page

image069.pngAdd a new page for current Show

4. My Template

To Display/ Design/Delete your template, it's the same as to design a Show.